Minimize the Impact of Sweaty Hands When Playing Tennis

sweaty hands when playing tennis

When playing tennis, you want good control over your racket.

The last thing you want is for your racket to slip out of your grasp due to sweaty hands.

Some sweat while competing hard on a summer day at noon is normal.

Lots of sweat is hard to deal with – especially when there are very humid conditions – but there are solutions!


How Sweaty Hands Affect Your Time on the Tennis Court

Some people don’t sweat excessively, or much at all. Others are just drenched out on the court.

I fall more in the latter camp – I sweat a lot and it can affect my ability to play well as I’m focused on sweat running down my skin onto my hands rather than the ball coming at me.

Finding the right tennis tools that fit your needs can be a difficult task. Let’s review some options.

For me, it takes more than a single option to help me with keeping my sweaty hands from getting in the way of my tennis matches.

Best Tennis Overgrip for Sweaty Hands

A good overgrip should be a priority for every player. Finding the right tennis tools that fit your needs can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be with my help.

Most overgrips are used for one of three reasons – extra cushion/comfort, to prolong the use of the actual grip, or to help with excessively sweaty hands.

I’ve listed 3 options for help in the sweaty camp.

Tourna Grip Original 3-Pack
Yonex Super Grap Black 3 Pack
HEAD Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip - Tennis Racket Grip Tape - 3-Pack, White

The Tourna Grip is inexpensive and gets tackier when it gets wet. Seems like a match made in sweaty hand heaven. It’s my go-to overgrip.

Super grip? Nope, super grAp. There’s a tacky feel to it so your racket will feel secure in your hand.

The Head Racquet Overgrip has enhanced sweat absorption properties compared to other overgrip options.

Wick-Away T-Shirts

There are a variety of tennis T-shirts and shorts that are specially designed to wick away moisture, keep your body (including your hands) cool and dry.

I’m unable to do any athletic endeavor without using a wick-away t-shirt. They’re game changers for me to keep me cool, which reduces overall sweating.

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Unlike wrist bands, headbands are a little more fashion forward these days. Roger Federer sports one almost every time he steps on court.

The one I recommend is the super economical Wilson kind. It has a little more fabric to it that helps absorb sweat.

Not all products have to be fancy or expensive. This is the one I use…

Wilson Headbands, White

Tennis Towel

You don’t want a towel that’s too big or too small. It also must actually wick away moisture – not just smear it along your body.

Using a towel to wipe off your face, arms and hands will add to the war against sweaty hands when playing tennis.

QBE$T Tennis Towel with Hook, Stays Clean, Cotton, Super Absorbent, can be Hung, with Clip, White


You may look like you’re a fashion statement out of the 70s, but if your hands stay dry, you won’t care what decade you’re representing.

Wristbands are not on anyone’s fashion list these days, but they’re functional and perform as designed.

I often struggle a bit to find wristbands that aren’t too tight or too big. I don’t want to feel like I have a vice around my wrist and I also don’t want them to be 5” or so long.

Finding the fit that works for me isn’t easy and is why I’m not recommending one specifically.

I’ve found that it takes trial and error to find what works best for you.

Racket Rotation

If you’ve been playing for a while, it’s likely you have more than one racket. Switch back and forth between them to allow any moisture on your grip to evaporate.

If you have 3 rackets, that’s even better. It’s not a solution to alleviate sweaty hands when playing tennis, but it will give the sweaty grip a break.

Based on Research...

The combination of a head band, moisture-wicking t-shirt, tennis towel, wrist band, and sweat absorbing grip help me to manage my sweaty hands when playing tennis. This combo may seem like a lot, but it allows me to focus on each point rather than my sweaty hands.

I haven’t used one of the suggestions below and don’t currently use the other one.

I like to provide suggestions for products that I have used, but I also wanted to put out information that could be helpful.

Just because I don’t use these products doesn’t mean they might not be helpful for your situation.

Grip Enhancer

I’ve never used Cramer Firm Grip, but the idea sounds like a good one.

You apply this powder to your hands and it improves your grip without blocking your pores.

Tourna Grip makes a product called, Grip Rx.

If their grips aren’t quite enough sweat absorption for you, using their liquid grip enhancer might help more.

Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer for Sweaty Hands & Activities Like Football, Tennis, Golf, Weightlifting, Pole Fitness & Gymnastics, Spray or Powder, 4 Ounce
Tourna Grip Rx Instant Grip Enhancer Solution for all sports


People feel very strongly about whether or not they want to use a rosin bag. Does it keep your hands dry? Yes. Does that mean it’s an appealing tool for everyone to use? No.

Tourna Grip is REALLY in the business of grips as they have a rosin powder as well. Rosin is going to be messy, but since it’s contained in the bottle (similar to a talcum powder), it’s cleaner and won’t leave residue everywhere it touches like a traditional rosin bag.

Tourna Rosin Bottle Grip

Only you know if using rosin will work for you, annoy you, or cause skin irritation.

Finding the Solution to Keep Your Hands Dry

I sweat a lot from my head and it all travels down – toward my hands.

By using a headband, I keep some of it from trickling down. A moisture-wicking t-shirt helps to draw some moisture away from my body.

I use a towel to dry off my face and arms. The wrist band helps to keep sweat from getting to my hands.

The sweat absorbing grip is the last line of defense. Altogether, it works for me.

I can spend hours on the court and not have to worry excessively about my sweating.

It’s taken a bit of trial and error to find the combination that works for me. Give yourself some time to do the same.