Best Tennis Racket Bags: Keeping Track of Your Tennis Gear

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Tennis requires equipment that suits you and your game.  When it comes to the best tennis racket bag for you, it’s your stuff (and how much you have) that it must be suited to.

  • Do you have one racket or six?
  • Do you sweat a lot so you tend to bring a bunch of shirts with you to change into on court?
  • Are you superstitious and never leave home without an extra pair of tennis shoes?
  • Do you prefer many compartments so everything has its own special place or one cavernous area where everything is thrown in?
  • Might you want a backpack?

These are questions to consider when determining which is the best tennis racket bag for you.

Racket bags are mainly for the purpose of transporting and protecting your racket(s).  Over the years all the extra “stuff” was brought into the equation. The days of having a single tennis racquet cover are long gone… But now that all the extra tennis gear is here, it’s definitely something to consider when looking at tennis racket bags.

We’ve looked at the many available options of available racket bags and have put together our recommended list.  Any of the following racket bags would be a solid addition to your tennis gear collection.

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Our Top Tennis Racket Bag Pick...

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the rest of this, our top choice is the Yonex Pro Racquet 6-Pack bag. 

YONEX Bag 92226 (Fine Blue) (6 Pack) Pro Tennis Badminton Racket Bag

 Here are the reasons why we came to that conclusion:

  • Holds 6 rackets (plenty for the average player)
  • Isn’t too expensive
  • Flexibility for how to pick it up
  • Plenty of additional pockets other than the main compartments
  • Stylish bag.  Prominent branding but it isn’t too showy.

Rundown Of The Best Tennis Racket Bags

Wilson RF DNA 12-pack Tennis Bag

Wilson RF DNA 12 pack Tennis Bag - Red

The Wilson RF DNA 12-pack is a nice-looking tennis racket bag with multiple compartments and storage for MANY tennis rackets.

Whether or not this Wilson tennis bag is a good option for you is dependent on how much stuff you plan on taking with you to the court and your budget. It is likely considered to be a premium tennis bag due to the higher cost.

If you’re going to load up, it’s likely a good choice.  If you lean more to the idea of “less is more”, this might be too much bag for you.

If you’re a Federer fan (and who isn’t), you can stroll on to court with a little of his vibe and maybe start hitting serves like he does.

Technical specifications

Yonex Pro Racquet 6-Pack

YONEX Bag 92226 (Fine Blue) (6 Pack) Pro Tennis Badminton Racket Bag

As seen above, the Yonex Pro Racquet 6-Pack is our pick for the best tennis racket bag available.

It’s got plenty of storage for most recreational players, can be picked up and carried with ease, and is a stylish bag that checks all the boxes of what I need in a tennis racket bag.

If you’ve got six or more rackets and come to the court fully loaded for a battle, this might not be the bag for you. 

Technical specifications

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 12R Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS 12R Bag

This Tecnifiber Tour Endurance RS 12R Bag has a lot of space.  It’s big.  There are lots of bells and whistles. That might be great for you and it might be too much for your needs.

There are multiple places to store your rackets, a separate shoe compartment with ventilation, and shock absorption so if you drop the bag, your rackets are still protected.

This tennis racket bag is definitely worth another look if you head out to the courts prepared for anything!

Technical specifications

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Bag

Babolat 751208 RACKET HOLDER 6 Tennis Racket Bag, Holds 6 Packs, Pure Drive, Blue, 29.5 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches (75 x 32 x 32 cm)

The Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Bag is a great looking bag with a lot of features.  It will likely suit many tennis players’ needs.

The addition of a special wet pocket for sweaty items is a feature not found in most bags at this price point.  Had they included a separate shoe compartment this would have been our top choice.

I wish Babolat had put isothermal protection into both racquet compartments.

Some picky comments, this Babolat tennis bag is a very good choice for many players.

Technical specifications

Head Djokovic 6R Combi

HEAD Djokovic 6R Combi Tennis Bag

The Head Djokovic 6R Combi is a solid choice for a tennis racquet bag.  It’s the smallest of the Djokovic series, but still delivers with many solid features.

It may not have a separate shoe compartment but there’s plenty of room for shoes and 3 rackets in the larger of two compartments (non CCT+ compartment).

Head’s Climate Control Technology will keep 3 racquets (and their strings) safe from extreme temperatures.

The oddest part of this bag to me is that it has both center grab handles and backpack straps.  Those are great features.

However the backpack straps are on the bottom of the bag.  Once you put your racket bag on the ground the straps get dirty.  Then you pick it up and throw it on your back – along with the dirt.

Not a deal breaker, but a “feature” I wish had been designed differently.

Technical specifications

That’s our list of the top 5 tennis racquet bags out there.  Based on what you’re looking for, I’d be surprised if one of those bags didn’t fit your needs.

However, you may not need to bring everything but the kitchen sink out on court with you.  A tennis backpack might be more your style.  Check out our list of the best tennis backpacks.

Tennis Racket Bag FAQs

What to Look for When Buying a Tennis Racket Bag?

This is a question only you can answer.  How much stuff do you take out on a tennis court?  Do you bring everything but the kitchen sink or are you more minimalist in nature?

No matter how much stuff you bring with you, the bag you choose will likely have some items in common.  Deciding your preference is key. 

Racket Storage Capacity

If you only have 1 racket, you likely won’t need a tennis racket bag that has a capacity to hold 15 tennis rackets. Either way, storage capacity is definitely something to consider.


Many tennis racket bags have numerous ways to be picked up: single shoulder strap, center strap, backpack straps, adjustable straps, padded straps…  What’s your preference?

Shoe Storage

Almost all tennis racket bags will have a place to fit a pair of shoes.  Some bags will have a designated storage compartment that might even be well-ventilated.  Nobody wants to open their tennis bag and pass out due to shoe odor!

Additional Pockets

If you count the zippers and pockets on some of these bags, it can be overwhelming.  Some like for every little item to have a special place while others want to just open their bag and throw everything in.  How organized (or not) you are may lead you to the right kind of bag for you.

Does Everyone Need a Tennis Racket Bag?

Of course not. I’ve seen people roll up to a tennis court with two rackets and a water bottle who have a perfectly good time on court.

Keep in mind that bags  are designed to protect your racket.  They aren’t a necessity, but since you probably spent a decent amount of money on a racket, it’s worth the investment to protect it.

Tennis racket bags are for convenience and protection.  If you’d rather have an extra shirt and overgrip and towel and snack and sunglasses — a bag might be perfect for you.

If you only have one racket and usually are ok with a towel, water bottle, can of balls, and your cell phone — you may be better off with a backpack – or to just carry your stuff on court.

Your Stuff Your Bag

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful for researching the best tennis racket bags.  Tennis is so much fun – especially when you have what you need with you!

For more information on the best accompanying tennis gear and about how to elevate your game, check out our other guides and ever-growing library of tennis content.