How to Regrip a Tennis Racket

how to regrip a tennis racket

Nothing beats the feeling of using a brand-new tennis racket. The fresh grip gives you more confidence and allows you to have a firmer hold while you swing and serve.

Unfortunately, the grip will wear and lose its softness as you play. A racket that once felt comfortable and soft in your hand can quickly become worn out and slippery. This wear is why you must replace your tennis racket grip regularly.

Just like restringing a racket, regripping your racket ensures that your equipment is in the best possible condition.

If you are serious about tennis or regularly compete in leagues, a freshly gripped tennis racket can give you the competitive advantage you need to elevate your game.


Steps to Regrip a Tennis Racket

If your existing tennis grip has become torn and dirty, or if you just noticed that it is difficult to grip because it has lost some of its tackiness and anti-slip qualities, it is probably time to regrip the handle.

You can also regrip a tennis racket if you want to increase the grip size and make it easier to hold.

While some people assume that they need to have their racket regripped by a professional, it is fairly easy to do. Follow the steps below. These steps work whether you’re using a replacement grip or an overgrip.

  • Step 1. Remove the Existing Grip – Whether your racket has a grip or overgrip on it, remove the outer layer that your hands make contact with when you hold your racket. To remove it, unwrap it by sliding off the rubber collar at the end of the handle.

    The collar is what keeps the overgrip in place above and beyond tape. If you are struggling to unwrap the overgrip, you can use scissors or other sharp object to get the unraveling started.

    Some grips don’t come with a rubber collar, but just a piece of tape at the top. Either way, the first step is to remove the old grip currently on your racket.

  • Step 2. Check the handle – Whether you’ve removed just an overgrip, or are back to the racket handle without any grip, make sure the bevels are clean. If there’s any glue or particles on the handle, they may be felt through the new grip.
  • Step 3. Remove the Plastic from Your New Grip – Now that you have removed the old, worn-out grip, you can prepare your new grip/overgrip. Find the side of the grip that has a plastic covering and remove it.

    Once you have unfurled the new grip, removed the plastic and adhesive backing, you can begin regripping your racket.

  • Step 4. Start Wrapping from the Butt of the Handle – Start wrapping the new grip tape down near the butt cap of the racket with the tapered, taped side angled slightly upwards on one of the small bevels of the butt.

    If you’re a right-handed player, wrap to the right; the tapered end as the starting point is followed by the rest of the grip material to the right.

    If you’re a left-handed player, wrap in the opposite manner – to the left.

    There’s just more comfort for your dominant hand wrapping in these directions.

    regripping from butt cap of tennis racquet

  • Step 5. Wrap Up the Handle – Start wrapping the new grip tape from the butt of the racket with the tapered, taped side angled slightly upwards on one of the small bevels.
  • Step 6. Secure the New Grip – Based on personal preference, wrap the grip as tight or loose as you’d like, overlapping the grip as you go.

    Cut any excess grip/overgrip using scissors or a sharp knife. Wrap finishing tape around the end to secure the new grip/overgrip in place.

    If you have one, pull the rubber collar back into place around the handle to hold everything in place.

Video Instruction

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to regrip a tennis racquet. The written instructions will make so much sense after you see it done.

New Grip – New Racket

From those simple steps, you no longer have to ask how to regrip a tennis racket as you’ll be an expert in no time.

Having a new grip on your racket makes it feel shiny and new again. It’s such a small investment of time and money to give your handle a refresh and put some pop in your game.

If you’re not 100% set on the benefits of grips and overgrips, check out this post as we point out why you should consider them. If you’re looking for reviews of the best overgrips out there, we’ve got you covered on that topic as well.