Cool Tennis Gifts for the Tennis Enthusiast

Cool Tennis Gifts

Do you have a friend, family member or possibly even a co-worker with a passion for tennis?

Are you in search of a cool tennis gift for when a holiday rolls around? Or maybe their birthday? Since they’re a tennis fan, they likely have just about everything they want, right?

Shopping for tennis gifts can be challenging to find for that special someone but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many different varieties of tennis gifts that you can purchase.


Cool Tennis Gifts You Can Buy Online

We wanted to make your life a bit easier for your next shopping trip.

If you are shopping for tennis items for the next birthday, holiday, anniversary or ‘what have you’, we have you covered. We’ve researched some cool tennis gifts and came up with a few ideas that you may not have thought of buying.

None of them will break the bank and they’ll all show the tennis player in your life that you understand their love of tennis.

If the tennis player in your life is a huge Roger Federer fan, there’s a good chance they already have a bag, hat, or racket from his collections to show that they’re a fan.

Unless the tennis player in your life is someone REALLY close to you, landing something with the original RF logo on it by Nike is going to set you back quite a few bucks… Roger now has the logo back and is sporting it via Uniqlo. Check it out!

Some of the suggestions below won’t be top of mind to many and might even be a little goofy, but will make the tennis player in your life smile and say, “I’d have never thought of this!”

Whether you’re looking for tennis gifts for her, tennis gifts for him, or tennis gifts for yourself, we have you covered.

Portable Tennis Net

The widest option to purchase of this net is 17 feet. The singles lines on a tennis court measure 27 ft wide so it’s wider than half the court but not as large as a full tennis court.

Even so, sometimes being able to set up a net and hit a few with your kids or a neighbor in the driveway or on a dead end street is fun!

It’s versatile and can be used for other net sports as well.

“Sweet” Spot Tennis Trainer

Designed for you to hit the sweet spot, but in tennis, hand/eye coordination is a key to success. After a while it gets easier and easier to just assume you’ll hit the ball with your racket.

Most of the time we do hit it. Sometimes you shank it. Other times you hit the frame and the ball just flies.

Using a tool like this that drastically reduces the place on the racket where the ball hits the strings – genius – as it forces you to watch the ball hit your racket.

Keeping your eye on the ball exponentially increases the chances of hitting a good shot!

Volley Arrow

Sometimes the simplest of tools produce the greatest results.

Yes, this is a piece of foam with an arrow on each end that fits through the throat of the racket. It’s amazing how powerful it is to SEE where you’ve aimed after hitting a volley.

I’m sure the tennis player you have in mind for this gift will realize how valuable this tool is after using it for a bit.

Tennis Ball Saver

This tennis ball storage container will help to keep tennis balls fresh. Finally a tool to prolong the use of a can of tennis balls.

It’s portable and small enough to store in any tennis bag. Over the long haul the tennis lover in your life will definitely save money on tennis balls.

Easy Tennis Ball Pick up Tool

This is a nice inexpensive gift for any tennis player. The Pop-It is an out of the ordinary accessory that you can “pop on” to the end of your tennis racket.

Using it allows you to easily pick up your tennis ball without bending over to pick them up each time. This might be the perfect gift if you know someone who enjoys playing tennis but has back problems or any problems preventing them from bending over.

This is great even if you are just plain tired of bending over repeatedly to pick up the ball.

Keep it Cool Towel

After playing a tennis match or any sport you may find yourself extra sweaty – especially in the summer months. This towel could be the perfect gift to cool off after a competitive tennis match or practice session.

This cooling towel comes in many different colors giving you a wide variety from which to choose. It’s made with bamboo fiber making the towel soft and cool.

You can use this as a headband, wristband, bandana or even to just throw on your head during a changeover.

The best part is this towel is that it comes in a travel-size container that can clip on to your tennis bag for easy travel and storage.

Final Thoughts

cool tennis gift

There are many great gifts for tennis players that you can find online. These are awesome uncommon gifts for tennis players that they probably won’t buy for themselves.

Isn’t that a great gift idea – something they wouldn’t buy for themselves? If you are unsure of these gifts you can always purchase a nice t-shirt, sweatshirt and/or mug for the tennis player you are trying to provide a special gift for.

Everyone loves repping a shirt or any accessory of something that they love. They want to show off to the world that they are dedicated to their sport or hobby. Now that you are more familiar with some cool tennis gift ideas you can shop for that special someone.