Review of 5 Tennis Ball Hoppers

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Manually picking up tennis balls from around the court is a pain in the neck. It’s a task all tennis players come to loathe over time.

If you are looking to speed up the collection of balls, practice your serve, or feed balls efficiently, these tennis tools are great investments to enhance your practice.

These tennis ball collectors come in different designs and sizes, and it’s essential to choose one well.

With that, here’s a review of 5 incredibly reliable tennis ball hoppers you can opt for. Whether a child, an adult, or a tennis club – your situation has been considered.

A Quick List of Our 5 Reviewed Tennis Ball Hoppers

1. Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper With Wheels - Best Overall

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels - Holds 80 Balls, Red

TLDR: This is the best tennis ball hopper for most tennis players.

It’s sturdy, has good ball capacity, is light, and gets the job done.

It may be a few dollars higher than the other options similar to it, but you’ll be more than satisfied if you choose it.

Capacity: 80 Tennis Balls


Made of heavy-duty polypropylene plastic and reinforced panels, it’s durable and made to last for years.

This lightweight material won’t rust and makes this tennis hopper effortless to maneuver.

The best part about it? The deluxe line of tennis hoppers from Tourna includes a pair of wheels on one side of the hopper for the easiest transportation, especially when the hopper is heavy with balls.

The handles lock into place to ensure your hopper stands upright without moving anywhere.

There are also sliding bars at the top for quickly closing and keeping the balls secure.

The bars at the bottom flex slightly to press down on balls better and roll at the bottom to lift and collect balls into the basket.


This is a very popular and practical ball hopper. It’s relatively inexpensive.

You can’t go wrong with picking this one up (sorry – had to!).

Is the Tourna Ballport for You?

Tourna’s Ballport is a fantastic solution for your ball hopper needs.

For buyers looking to invest in a reliable tennis ball hopper you can use for various other types of balls, and that’s easy to carry and store, the Tourna Tennis Ball hopper is an excellent choice.

It’s great for a variety of tennis players – those who practice at tennis clubs, a tennis player or coach on the go, and even young kids who aren’t strong enough to carry a hopper around the tennis court.

2. Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper - Best Value

Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper -75 Balls

Capacity: 75 or 90 Tennis Balls


No-frills yet checks all the right boxes.

It has a classic cage basket design made from lightweight graphite and plated steel for remarkable durability, but it is also compact and foldable for storage.

This ball hopper and basket has a “no-spill” lid feature that ensures tennis balls stay in the basket once collected. The handles also convert into locking legs when upright on court.

With a standing height of 33 inches, you can easily pick-up balls at waist height.

The carrying capacity is respectable for 75 tennis balls, though there’s also a model with a 90-ball capacity.


Wilson offers superb tennis ball hoppers of the greatest quality, especially for those on a budget.

Is the Wilson Tennis Ball Hopper for You?

Because this hopper has a classic design made of wire, it’s very light and easy to move around court – perfect for tennis coaches or your personal tennis practice sessions.

3. OnCourt OffCourt Tennis Ball MultiMower - Best for a Tennis Club

Tennis Multimower - Tennis Ball Mower and Teaching Cart | 300 Ball Capacity, 2 Baskets | Easy to Transport | Jam-Free Guarantee | Hinged Arms to Pass Through Gates | Weatherproof Cover Included

Capacity: 300 Tennis Balls


To say that this mower can collect many balls is an understatement.

With a capacity of 300 balls and the ability to pick up a variety of tennis ball sizes, this mower is one of the best in the market.

This is possibly the fastest, most effortless way to pick up tennis balls. Simply roll the mower over the tennis balls and you’re done! It has 2 tennis ball baskets – one for collecting and another for feeding.

It’s also great that you can remove the vertical handles to fit inside your car without worry.


This is an expensive tool. Money can buy precious time though.

For tennis center coaches, this tennis MultiMower saves you quite a bit of time.

Your average player – this is overkill!

Is the OnCourt OffCourt Tennis Ball MultiMower for You?

The Tennis MultiMower from OnCourt OffCourt is a great product choice for a tennis club, center, academy, or SUPER serious player. However, it’s not practical for beginner tennis players.

Let your tennis center know about this beast so they can pick one up!

4. Kollectaball Hopper Tennis Ball Collector + Feeder - Best Roller Collector

Kollectaball Hopper Ball Collector + Feeder for Tennis or Pickleball

Capacity: 60 Balls

This thing is petty neat! Check it out:


If you want to want to try a different (and speedier!) take on a tennis hopper, you might want to give the Kollectaball Hopper a go.

It looks like an old push lawnmower with a huge cylindrical whisk at the end of it!

Instead of pressing, the spherical cage design entails you simply roll the Kollectaball over any stray balls and it will instantly collect them.

The 60 flexible wires open to let the balls in, but not out.

You can adjust the height of the handle if you’d like, and when you turn it upside down, the handles serve as legs.

This adjustable design means your collecting and feeding height can be personalized!


It’s an innovative concept for sure, but it isn’t the most cost-effective option.

Is the Kollectaball Collector + Feeder for You?

Since this hopper makes the chore of picking up tennis balls extremely fun, you’ll have to balance out the cost with its effectiveness.

This is one of the must-have tennis ball hoppers for tennis coaches with a cart or basket who want to clear their nets as fast as possible, especially in settings such as sports facilities, teams, and schools.

5. Gamma Tennis Ball Tube - Best Portable Tennis Ball Collector

Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube 18 - Red

Capacity: 18 Balls


This is a lightweight tube weighing less than 2 pounds.

It features a carrying strap for travel, as well as handy hooks for attaching it off the ground against a fence or on the edge of a cart.

This device works just like other traditional ball hoppers. You press it over the ball, it goes up inside the tube and stays there.

When you’re ready to empty the tube, turn it upside down.


This product is not inexpensive for the number of balls it holds, but you’re buying the design, not high capacity.

It’s super slender and lightweight. It’s great for kids!

Is the Gamma Tennis Ball Tube for You?

The Gamma Tennis Ball Tube Hopper is the perfect hopper for young kids or juniors who can’t carry normal ball hoppers, and are just learning to play tennis.

The Bottom Line

Among the hoppers, the fact that the Tourna Ballport Deluxe Hopper With Wheels can be used by literally anyone is one of its most desired and excellent features.

Choosing the best equipment to bring to court still depends on you.

Are you an individual looking for yourself for hours of solo practice? Or is this for your favorite tennis pro who teaches 5 clinics every Saturday?

How the hopper will be used is the biggest influence on the type needed.

What feature are you looking for to suit your needs?