Here’s My Story

I’ve been playing tennis since I was nine-years-old.

Both of my parents played tennis, so growing up I spent a decent amount of time around tennis courts.  I started out on the sidelines while my parents played, but soon found myself with a racket in hand hitting pretty well.

As I continued playing I developed an affinity for the game always looking to be more competitive and improve my skills.

Fast forward to today and I’m still an avid tennis player.

It’s why I decided to create Tennis Reboot in the first place.  I wanted to create a resource for those who want to learn more about the sport I love so much.

Please allow this site to serve as a resource. (pardon the pun!)

I’ve taken time to lay out detailed information on many aspects of tennis including some of the most basic elements such as the best rackets and how to string one.

This site includes so much information to at the very least, get you started. When not out on the court I’m adding more information.  Check back for updates!