The Best Tennis Socks – Complete Buyer’s Guide

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The socks worn while playing tennis may seem like a trivial thing, but socks are significant. Not only can wearing a well-made pair of tennis socks help you feel more comfortable as you play, they can help you avoid excruciating foot blisters.

The combination of well-fitting tennis shoes and durable, moisture-wicking tennis socks will help you protect your feet while enjoying your favorite sport. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it is to focus and play well.

Below you will find some of the best tennis socks on the market. Stop worrying about foot pain and blisters while you play and experience the difference a good pair of tennis socks can make!

The 6 Best Pairs of Tennis Socks

  1. The Best Overall – adidas – Alphaskin Unisex Cushioned High Quarter Tennis Sock
  2. The Runner Up – Prince – Men’s Cushioned Quarter Tennis Sock
  3. Best for Blister Prevention – New Balance – Performance Cushioned Mid-Calf Men’s Tennis Sock
  4. The Best Budget-Friendly Option – Saucony – Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance Tennis Socks
  5. The Most Padded – Thorlos – TMX Max Cushion Men’s Tennis Ankle Sock
  6. The Best Full-Length Tennis Sock – Under Armour – Team Crew Athletic Tennis Sock

Reviews of the Best Tennis Socks

#1 Adidas – Alphaskin Unisex Cushioned High Quarter Tennis Sock (1 Pair)

adidas unisex-adult 5-Star Team Cushioned High Quarter Socks (1-Pair), White/Black, Large

The Adidas Alphaskin takes our top spot because it features everything you would want out of a good pair of tennis socks. Not only is it made from a moisture-wicking yarn, which is great for keeping your feet dry and odor-free, this sock also has extra cushioning for your feet.

To find the right balance between cushioning and breathability, Adidas used a unique blend of synthetic materials, including 39% acrylic, 29% polyester, 23% nylon, 6% natural rubber, and 3% spandex. It is this unique blend of materials that help the socks wick moisture away from your feet.

As you can imagine, breathability is incredibly important when you are playing an intense sport like tennis. By helping to keep your feet dry and sweat-free, you can play for longer stretches of time without having to worry about your feet overheating, or irritation that can be caused by excessive sweating.

Another great feature is the 360-degree cushioning Adidas gave the socks. While they are cushioned throughout, they also have extra cushioning in key target areas, like the heel, toes, and Achilles tendon.

As you maneuver around a tennis court, your feet are exposed to a significant amount of impact force. Each step and charge in direction can put all of your weight on your heels, toes, and ankles, which is why it is so important to find a pair of tennis shoes that offers support. By combining supportive tennis shoes with cushioned tennis socks, like the Adidas Alphaskins, you can really protect your feet and avoid discomfort and pain.

As an added bonus, the Alphaskins even feature arch compression, which helps control blood flow to the feet during a long match. These tennis socks also ensure a secure and snug fit, so you do not have to worry about your socks fitting loosely and becoming a distraction.

Key Features:

#2 Prince – Men’s Cushioned Quarter Tennis Sock (6 Pack)

Prince Men's Athletic Quarter Socks (6 Pair Pack) (White)

While the Prince brand is largely known for producing outstanding tennis racquets, they also offer high-quality tennis apparel. These cushioned tennis socks are perfect for those who prefer the breathability and comfort you get with a quarter-length sock.

Each package comes with six pairs of individually colored socks, so even those with the busiest practice schedules will not have to worry about having to do laundry too frequently. You have the choice of a black set, or a traditional tennis white set.

The socks themselves are made from 95% polyester, 3% natural rubber, and 2% spandex, so they are both breathable and form-fitting. They also feature a padded sole, which helps improve comfort and add shock absorption in the highest impact areas. The spandex blend helps the sock form to the exact shape of your foot, so the socks will hold their shape, even after numerous washes.

There is a breathable mesh zone, which combined with the lightweight synthetic materials, ensures your feet are well-ventilated. This moisture wicking design helps keep your feet cool and dry, even during the most strenuous matches on hot summer days.

Key Features:

#3 New Balance – Performance Cushioned Mid-calf Men’s Tennis Sock (6 Pack)

New Balance Men's Socks - Performance Cushioned Mid-Calf Althletic Crew Socks (6 Pack) (Assorted, X-Large: 12.5-16)

New Balance is known for making high-quality sportswear, so it is no surprise that these high-performance tennis socks are made to a high standard. Each set contains six pairs of socks. Just like the Prince socks, you get plenty of value.

Cushioning along the sole of the foot with padding along high-risk blister zones ensure that you experience a comfortable fit, no matter how long you are playing. Not only does the extra cushioning help prevent blisters and other types of irritation, they are designed to reduce foot fatigue.

The mid-calf design might not be for everyone, but those who prefer a more classic look will find the ankle and lower calf muscle compression can help regulate blood flow. While they are slightly less breathable than the above-mentioned tennis socks, they still help wick sweat away from your feet and ankles.

The fact that the packs are available in three difference color options is great for those who must adhere to a specific club dress code. Given their affordable price and the fact that you get six pairs with each order, they even make a great practice sock for when you are running drills and working on technique.

Key Features:

#4 Saucony – Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance Tennis Socks (6 Pack)

Saucony Men's Multi-Pack Mesh Ventilating Comfort Fit Performance Quarter Socks (6 & 12, White (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 8-12

These men’s tennis socks from Saucony offer the perfect combination of comfort and support. The arch support and added padding along the sole help reduce foot fatigue caused by long matches and training sessions.

Saucony’s unique RunDry moisture management system also helps to ensure lasting comfort by wicking trapped sweat away from the surface of the foot. Mesh venting along the top of the sock also helps to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable.

While the sock was initially designed for long distance runners, it has proven to be a favorite among tennis players, as the cushioning and breathability are exactly what is required from a good pair of tennis socks.

They also offer ankle coverage, which helps prevent blisters. The heel tab improves ankle protection and makes it a little bit easier to pull the socks on, even if your feet are already sweaty.

The socks are available in black and gray options, as well as a more tennis court-appropriate pure white variety. With each purchase you get six pairs and they are available at a very reasonable price, so they work just as well for practice as they do for competitive matches.

Key Features:

#5 Thorlos – TMX Max Cushion Men’s Tennis Ankle Sock (1 Pair)

Thorlos Unisex TMX Tennis Thick Padded Ankle Sock, White, Medium

These tennis-specific athletic socks were specifically designed to reduce foot and ankle pain while playing. They feature the brand’s signature Thorlo reinforced padding in the forefoot, which helps protect the toes from impact injuries and blisters.

Padding located along the heel helps reduce the intensity of plantar fasciitis, which is a common type of injury amongst tennis players. The seamless design also helps reduce the occurrence and severity of blisters. Extended padding along the back of the sock also helps to protect the Achilles tendon.

A combination of durable fibers embedded in the forefoot, toe box, and other high-wear areas help extend the lifespan of the sock. As you would expect from any good pair of tennis socks, they also feature cooling fibers and a moisture-wicking system, so your feet will feel cool and dry, even when you are playing through a long and intense match.

Given that the Thorlos brand has built its reputation by offering socks that protect the wearer’s feet from fatigue and impact injuries, it is no surprise that its tennis socks are incredibly comfortable.

Key Features:

#6 Under Armour – Team Crew Athletic Tennis Sock (1 Pair)

Under Armour Adult Team Crew Socks, 1-Pair , White/Black , Medium

For those who prefer a longer pair of tennis socks, these mid-calf athletic socks from Under Armour are a great option. They were engineered to offer durability and comfort; without the excess bulk you get with some of the more padded tennis socks.

They feature dynamic arch support to really protect the feet and reduce foot fatigue, while Under Armour’s unique sweat-wicking technology helps keep your feet dry and odor-free. The half-cushioned design means that Under Armour only placed cushioning in areas where it is needed most. No need to worry about these tennis socks being overly bulky or difficult to wear with your current tennis shoes.

Included ventilation channels enhance breathability. Your feet will stay cool and comfortable, even when you are playing on a hot and humid day. These socks are also outfitted with Under Armour’s signature anti-odor technology, which is featured heavily in their athletic training tops and shorts.

The unique blend of synthetic materials ensures these socks dry quickly, so if you are playing in a tennis tournament, you can quickly dry the socks out between matches.

Key Features:

Which Tennis Socks Should You Choose?

Choosing a pair of tennis socks really depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you often suffer from foot fatigue and blisters, you might prefer a more padded sock that extends much higher than the top of the ankle.

On the other hand, if your main concerns are overheating and excess sweating, choose one of the more breathable pairs that features moisture-wicking technology.

All of the tennis socks highlighted above would make an excellent choice, so choose the pair that fits your own preferences and budget!

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