The Best Tennis Strings for Control

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The type and tension of the strings have a significant impact on how your tennis racquet performs.

The strings are what make contact the tennis ball… They’re an incredibly important piece of tennis equipment. 

While most people focus exclusively on what type of tennis racket they use, it is just as important to take the time to choose  strings that will help you play your preferred style of play.

Different types of strings have different types of playing styles. They can help you to create more spin, power, or control.

Some string is designed specifically for durability – they can withstand more intense play without splitting and breaking. 

Depending on your preferences, choosing strings with the correct characteristics can help you get the most out of your racquet.

If you are a player who enjoys playing with plenty of control, that’s what this article is about. We will review some of the best tennis strings for control that you will find on the market today.

By choosing from our list of tennis strings, you will be able to find a set that offers the degree of control you’re seeking!

Why Strings with Control Are Useful

Far too many beginners focus all of their efforts on increasing the amount of power they can generate. While power can be important, placement is also key. 

One of the best ways to increase the accuracy of your shots is to increase the level of control you have over the ball.

An increased level of control will improve your accuracy. While there is no substitute for improving your technique with practice, the tennis equipment you choose can certainly help. 

Tennis strings that offer high levels of control come in handy.

Tennis String Gauge

String gauge tells you how thick or thin it is.  Gauges run from a size 15 to size 19.

Just like scoring in tennis is a little odd, the numbering sequence works in reverse order with tennis string.  A gauge of 15 is actually the thickest, while 19 is the thinnest.

It may seem counterintuitive, but thinner strings can offer more control than thicker strings. A thinner string offers more feel as it cuts into the ball more and has more impact on creating spin.

String Tension

Rackets that are strung with higher tension strings offer more control and a more precise level of touch.

While lower tension strings can absorb some impact and send that impact back over the net in the form of power, they also offer less control.

If improving the accuracy of shotmaking is your goal, you choose strings that offer more control and that may be on the thinner side (higher gauge).

To take some of the confusion out of the buying process, we have highlighted some of the best options out there!

The Best Tennis Strings for Control

Now that you know why it can be useful to choose strings that offer more control, we’ve highlighted some of the best tennis strings on the market.

Each of the following options was specifically selected because they strike the perfect balance between quality, gauge, and tension rating:

#1 Luxilon – 4G Gold Tennis Strings

Luxilon 4G Tennis String, Gold, 16L Gauge/1.25mm

Luxilon is one of the best tennis string brands out there and they have certainly earned their outstanding reputation.

While they offer a wide range of tennis strings, and some are the preferred strings of some of the best professional players in the world, their 4G Gold tennis strings are perfect for any player looking for ways to increase control.

These stiff, control-oriented strings are for aggressive players who desire improved precision and spin.

What we liked about these strings is their durability. Luxilon designed the strings for control, but also they retain tension better than most options.

They are available in two gauges: 16 L or 16, so players have some flexibility when choosing which gauge they would like to play with. The main thing is that either option is relatively high and will offer plenty of control and precision.

Overall, this is one of the best sets of polyester tennis string you can choose for control.

Key Features

#2 Tecnifibre – HDMX Hybrid 3D Multifilament Tennis Strings

Tecnifibre HDMX Unisex Adult Tennis String, Yellow, 1.25/12 m

Tecnifibre’s HDMX tennis strings are another outstanding option for players looking for a set of strings that will increase the amount of control they feel.

The strings achieve the perfect blend of comfort and control, which is great news for tennis players of all skill levels.

They use a unique Hybrid 3D technology, which uses three different types of fibers to improve control while reducing excess strain on the player’s arm and wrist.

The impressive level of tension maintenance also means the strings will keep the high level of control for much longer than you would get with lower-quality strings.

The multifilament composition, which includes 30% polyester fibers, 34% Elastyl fibers, and 33% Thermostabyl fibers, is perfect for maintaining control and tension.

To increase durability, Tecnifibre also gave the strings a protective, anti-abrasion coating of 3SPL Silicium Pryogene Lubritec, which helps them last through countless hours on the court.

Key Features

#3 HEAD – Lynx Tour Tennis Strings

Head Lynx Tennis String Set (Neon Yellow, 18 Gauge)

HEAD is a tennis brand that needs no introduction. As with most of its tennis equipment, its tennis strings are known to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

These Lynx Tour strings feature an innovative copolymer mixture, helping this synthetic string improve touch and control.

Tennis players looking for a set of strings that will allow them to put plenty of spin on the ball will appreciate how well the Lynx Tour strings perform.

These tennis racket strings find a great blend between power, control, and comfort. Poly-based monofilament strings don’t often offer this level of comfort and control.

The shape of the strings and HEAD’s unique manufacturing process translate to these strings responding well in situations where precision is critical.

Key Features

#4 Wilson – NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet Strings

Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String.

Wilson’s NXT Control 16 strings give players exceptional control.

They are also surprisingly comfortable strings to play with as they transfer very few vibrations to the player’s wrist and arm.

If you have concerns about tennis elbow or other arm fatigue injuries, the Wilson NXT Control strings allow you to increase control without contributing to excess arm strain.

The strings maintain the same level of control and precision, even when hitting the ball with very little force. They’re great for those who like placing drop shots and playing close to the net.

For a multifilament string, they are quite stiff, which is great news for those who value control and predictability.

They have a firm and crisp response, which helps with increased accuracy.

Overall, these are outstanding strings that live up to their name.

Key Features

#5 HEAD – RIP Control Multifilament Tennis Racquet Strings

Head RIP Control Tennis Racket String 40' Set - 16 Gauge Multifilament Racquet String, Natural

Unsurprisingly, this second set of HEAD strings has also made our list for the best tennis strings for control.

The HEAD RIP Control strings are a perfect option for tennis players of all skill levels. Whether you are an advanced player looking for a set of strings for tournament play or want something that can stand up to regular recreational play, the HEAD RIP Control strings will meet your needs.

Thanks to HEAD’s unique RIP technology, which stands for Ribbon Improved Performance and gives the strings their name, they offer outstanding control.

Using these strings, players of all skill levels will find it much easier to place balls accurately and hit the ball with the amount of power they desire.

These strings combine copolymer nylon fibers with polyolefin ribbons which helps to dampen kinetic energy from oncoming tennis balls.

In addition to improving control, the HEAD RIP Control strings are incredibly durable and will last through even the most rigorous play.

Key Features

#6 Kirschbaum – Maximum Control Competition Tennis Strings

Kirschbaum Set Competition Tennis String, 1.25mm/17-Gauge, Yellow

Kirschbaum offers a high-quality copolymer set of strings ideal for players that value control on the court.

While the brand is less known than major tennis brands, like HEAD and Wilson, their tennis strings are slowly becoming more popular among serious players.

These Maximum Control Competition strings have a soft polyester, monofilament string design which translates to maximum tension retention and minimal string movement.

Most players will also enjoy how much spin potential the strings offer and how comfortable they feel, even while hitting heavy shots.

Overall, these are excellent strings for players looking to increase the amount of control they have on the court.

Key Features

Final Words

Any of the tennis string options highlighted above should help you increase the amount of control you have when striking the ball.

While equipment can certainly help, you can always improve your precision and control by working on your technique.

It can take time to dial in to the best equipment for your playing style. Try not to become too frustrated if it takes a while to find the best strings for your game.

Any time on the tennis court is a good time, right?!?